Preservation Services for Museums, Individuals, Private Collectors, and Municipalities



Cascadia Art Conservation Center offers consultation and assessment services for your object or collection:

Consultation — Cascadia Art Conservation Center provides consultation on the planning and preparation of a new artwork or commissions, storage, handling, management, or any topic related to the care of an artwork or cultural object.

General Assessment — A general assessment reviews overall care and management of a collection, but does not cover individual object assessment. In a general assessment we review collection policies, maintenance and long-range planning, staffing needs, housing facilities, environmental conditions, conditions in collections, storage, and display areas and art handling procedures.

Object Assessment — Cascadia Art Conservation Center will review an object’s condition and needs and compile the information in a written examination report. Often these assessments are done to plan for the future treatment or to determine the need of a particular object.

View a sample examination report and proposal prepared by CACC.


Cascadia Art Conservation Center performs a variety of services and treatments according to an individual object or collection's needs:

Conservation — Cascadia Art Conservation Center will specifically address the long term preservation of an object through intervention or treatment. Our mission is to ensure artwork, objects of cultural, historic, or personal importance will last for as long as possible in the best condition possible.

Restoration — In our approach to restoration we only treat the area of damage and try to make our restoration re-treatable so future conservators can easily work with what we do now. Our restoration efforts are aimed at reducing the visual distraction caused by losses or damage while also focusing on the long term health of an object. 

Preventative Conservation — We feel preservation is the best way to conserve an object—before it needs conservation treatment. Preventative Conservation lessens the chance for degradation or damage of an artwork or object. This approach covers everything from working with an artist in choosing materials to maintenance of an object, storage, care, handling, housing, and setting up proper environmental conditions.

Maintenance — Cascadia Art Conservation Center provides regular maintenance services. Having a conservator perform maintenance is a great way to insure the best care of an object. We include assessments and photodocumentation along with this service, and we can catch problems before they become severe.

Oddy Testing — Oddy testing investigates materials placed in and around art objects for harmful off-gassing. Acids, formaldehyde, and other fumes can damage and even destroy delicate artifacts. Let us determine if the materials you are about to use for a display case, backing materials, or mounts will harm the artwork.

View a sample treatment report prepared by CACC.


Cascadia Art Conservation Center, LLC offers free estimates in Portland. If an object is outside Portland, CACC may charge for travel time. Estimate calculations are based on $125 per hour for most services. To treat an object, CACC will, without exception, provide both written and photographic documentation. The starting price for any treatment begins at $500 which mostly covers the written and photographic documentation.