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Condra Stump, 1867 before treatment
Condra Stump, 1867 after treatment
Silas Condra

Condra Stump, 1867

As this tree was being cut down in the 1960s, a Weyerhaeuser Company employee noticed a message carved in 1867 by Silas Condra, an important figure in the history of Eugene, OR. The tree had partially healed over Condra’s marks by the time they were discovered. The carved section was displayed on the porch of the Weyerhaeuser Springfield Plant’s cafeteria until it entered the Lane County Historical Museum.

Heavy insect and fungal damage likely occurred while the object was displayed outdoors. The wood was cleaned then treated with boric acid to prevent further degradation. There was no evidence of active insect infestation. Recommendations for ongoing care were also made.